Savings of implemented applications

EPO Actuator with the success and big saving of the electrical energy and other operating costs replaces hydraulic and hydraulic pneumatic drives of the equipment. Other advantages of the use of EPO Actuator is acceleration of production, easier driving, higher accuracy, higher reliability,…


- uneconomical -

- difficult to control -

- dirty -

- slow -

- noisy -


- economical -

- easy to control -

- clean -

- fast -

- accurate -

- silent -

Savings and other related benefits always depend on the specific application and requests of the customer. The application of every EPO Actuator precedes the consultation with our engineers with the aim to map as best as possible the individual needs of the specific case.

Two EPO Actuators replace the hydraulics

on the nailing machine

Within the project, the problematic and operationally demanding mechanism of the nailing machine was replaced by two EPO Actuators. The customer demanded the same production speed (tact), as by the original machine. The aim was to reduce consumption, increase the reliability and the comfort of the service.

Electricity consumption

At the same tact = number of the produced pieces

EPO Actuators




energy saving

32,2 kWh/shift

Cost saving

(at the price 7,5 CZK/kWh)

9,70 EUR/shift

4 840 EUR/year by the two-shift operation 250 days per year

7 260 EUR/year by the three – shift operation 250 days per year

Plus additional

operating costs

No oil issues and oil changes

Without operation and servicing of pressure equipment

Without the need for ventilation and cooling of the big residual heat and the smell of hydraulics

Electro revision within the whole equipment

In service intervals you only add the piston rod lubricant

Five EPO Actuators replaced hydraulic pneumatic

drive on the rolling press machine

Within this project, the operationally demanding and slow hydraulic pneumatic drive was replaced by five EPO Actuators. The result is more economical, significantly faster and better controlled production process.

Electricity consumption

By the production of the same product = only production mode

EPO Actuators



Machine with actuators is



Savings per one year of operation

3183 hours in the production mode and preparedness
(at the price 0,3 EUR/kWh)

1 machine with EPO Actuators X 1 machine with hydraulics

Electrical energy savings: 2.838 kWh/year
Cost savings: 851 EUR/year

2,6x higher production volume

1 machine with EPO Actuators X 3 machines with hydraulics

Electrical energy savings: 11.889 kWh/year
Cost savings: 3 566 EUR/year

By the same production volume

Plus additional

operating savings

saving on the pneumatic part – was also replaced by the actuator, but is not involved in the calculation

no oil issues and oil change

without operating and service of the press equipment

without the need of the ventilation and cooling of the big residual heat and smell of hydraulics

in service intervals only add piston lubricant

electro revision within the whole machine


About us

ELEKTROPOHONY company for more than 30 years
(since 1991) deals with propulsion technology,
frequency converters and servo drives with emphasis on
applications with high added value. We have
also own metalworking.

The EPO Actuator is the result of our own development,
whichwe have been deploying successfully since 2009,
either asreplacement of hydraulic drives, so into completely
new ones machines of our customers.


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